Letters of Recommendation

Helping students succeed is one of the missions of university professors. Dr. Lu writes recommendation letters for graduate schools, awards, jobs, etc. Before you ask Dr. Lu to write a letter for you, please ask yourself these question:

  • Does Dr. Lu know me well?

  • Do I have something special to be recommended?

  • Can Dr. Lu write a strong letter for me?

  • Does he have time writing a letter for me?

If you answer No to any question, STOP. Don’t waste your time. If you took his class but never talked to him, he knows nothing about you and has nothing to recommend. Your grade is already in the transcript. If the only thing Dr. Lu can write is about your grade, the letter does not help you. Thus, Dr. Lu will not write a letter for you.

This video explains how recommendation letters work for applications of graduate schools. Please watch.

Dr. Lu writes letters for a student only after talking to the student. If you want a letter from him, you have to talk to him. If you are not on Purdue campus, please schedule a video call.

Dr. Lu’s letters always focus on accomplishments. You need to provide evidence of your accomplishments. “I really enjoy your class” is not an accomplishment and Dr. Lu cannot write a letter because a student enjoys his class.

When you ask Dr. Lu for a letter, he will always ask you the following questions (because graduate schools ask them). Please bring your answers with evidence.

Your ability to speak and write. You can answer this question by giving an excellent technical presentation and a well-written technical document. Your ability to work in teams. You must give Dr. Lu at least three weeks to write your letter. When you ask him to write, you must give him a list of universities you want to apply. He will send letters to only these universities. You must send all applications within one week. You are busy. So is everyone.

If you need a letter, pleass fill this form.