New Member Onboarding

Summer 2021 Application Process

Before you are onboarded, applicants are expected to provide basic information and research which team would be ideal for them. In a real job interview, you are expected to research your company. This research team is no different.

New Member Onboarding

New members are encouraged to perform a few tasks to make onboarding a smooth process. Please provide your Slack username, GitHub username, and a headshot or professional picture if you have one.

  • Join the CAM2 Slack Channel. Slack is used as the primary method for all CAM2 members to communicate and receive pertinent information regarding each team, and CAM2 in general.

  • Send a headshot or professional picture of yourself. Your photo will be listed on your team’s information page under the ‘People and Topics’

  • Provide your GitHub username. Every team uses GitHub to manage their software. If you do not have a GitHub account, you must create one. If you are not familiar with Git, you will have many opportunities to learn how to use it as you perform your research.

In addition to these actions, your team leader may have you provide additional information or create an account for another platform. If you want access to your team’s channel on Slack, contact your team leader to be invited.